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About Us

Ginger Advertising was established at 1992. We are dedicated to bring our client one-stop full services in marketing promotion, advertising, media planning and various kinds of production. Our expertise extends from the big strategic picture to the most minute details. You tell us your advertising objectives, and we will develop a comprehensive and powerful advertising strategy that will support these objectives. In the past years, we delivered successful advertising campaigns that achieve measurable results for our clients.


We create web designs. We specialize in designing custom website’s to convert your target audience into customers.


We come up with the theme, we write the script, we shoot then we edit the video.

Digital Marketing

We are professional on SEO, Display Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Print ad & Leaflet

We provide the highest level of personal service and quality, using a proven design process that save your time and money.


We Create and produce various kinds of Documentary Film, and a group of experienced thinkers and doers committed to making advertising that is distinctive, memorable and effective.

Media Buying

We are accredited agency of major media in HK such as TVB, Viu TV, Fantastic TV, now TV, i-Cable TV, Newspaper, Magazine, Outdoor media, Billboard, etc.; And also at Shenzhen Port and Shenzhen Public Buses

Our Services

  • Media Management
  • Stage, Shows &
    Special Production
As the media choices available to advertisers increase, so does the value of our media service team. From our office, we help our clients build media awareness and insightful market analysis. We will develop a comprehensive advertising strategy that will support and assist our clients to receive maximum marketing profitability. We Create and produce various kinds of TV commercials and other print advertisements. Our team is a group of experienced thinkers and doers committed to making advertising that is distinctive, memorable and effective. From creation to production, script development to editing and voice over, all processes are handled in-house. This is a key part of how we deliver one-stop service. Besides, our highly innovative and professional service team is also prepared to provide media-appropriate creative writing and designs for print advertisement to ensure clients receive maximum efficiencies and profitability. By Our good media connection, we invite famed artists or singers to participate in the production and promotional campaigns at most reasonable cost. Ginger Advertising is campable of organizing and producing a large stage show, making arrangement for staging, lighting, audio and visual effects, and contacting performers, singers or models for participation.

Our Company Special Production provides a new experiment which is suitable in the New Age. We included Educational CD-ROM, VCD, DVD, Outdoor Poster, Super Market POPS, Company Documentary and web design and development.





Ginger Advertising Ltd.

office : 12/F., Charmhill Centre, 50 Hillwood Road, T.S.T, Kowloon.
tel : 2368 8765
fax : 2314 3065
e-mail : enquiry@gingerad.com.hk